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Dr.S.Dhanvanthiri Premvel - Dhanvanthri Nilayam Ayurveda Vaidyasalai

Dr.S.Dhanvanthiri Premvel B.A.M.S., F.I.C.A., F.W.A.I.M (U.S.A)., elder son, joined hands with his father from 1996 into this holy and authentic service with 7 IP beds Dr.S.Dhanvanthiri premvel completed his Ayurveda Graduation from 100yrs old and pronounced college called the Vengatramana Ayurveda College, Chennai, and completed his M.D, FRH (U.S.A) to further emulsify his Ayurvedic knowledge. Dr.S.Dhanvanthiri Premvel started his practice and slowly, PANCHA KARMA, one important specialty treatment of Ayurveda was enhanced and took on important position along with medicines in the treatment side.

After an unfortunate sudden demise of Dr.Somasekar in 1997, the development and improvement of this hospital become the sole responsibility and fortune of Dr.S.Dhanvanthiri Premvel. With God’s will and his father’s blessings, Dr.S.Dhanvanthiri Premvel, strived hard and brought about lots of positive changes in the institution by first introducing Physiotherapy, in 1999 and further PANCHAKARMA became full fledged work for inpatients and few outpatients. Dr.S.Dhanvanthiri Premvel, with his full dedication and whole heart served people through OP consultation from 8.30am in the morning fill 7.30pm in the evening. The count of patients would go up more than 100 or 120 a day which is still on till date. By the very kind and lovely approach of Dr.S.Dhanvanthiri Premvel people around Madurai and from for away place also thronged and longed to the hospital.

By consistent consultation, caring approach, authentic treatments, and people healed easily and satisfactorily. He has helped the poor, the needy and also been a very great hand in money socially productive activity in and around Madurai.


  • Kearleeya’97 : Nation Training Programme On Panchakarma Vaidyaratnam.P.S. Varier Ayurveda College Kottakal, Kerala.
  • Medicina Alternativa-1997 : The Open International University Complementary Medicines [Alma Ata1962] Affiliated By Medicina Alternativa, Srilanka.
  • Doctor Of Philosophy-1997 : The Open International University For Complementary Medicines [Alma Ata 1962] Affiliated By Medicina Alternativa Srilanka.
  • Certificate Of Fellow Concili Scientiaruum [F.I.C.A] : The International Council Of Ayurveda, India. Incorporated With American Association Of Ayurvedic Medicines 417, Lancaster, U.S.A.
  • Best Service Award: Tamil Nadu Cultural Academy Trust, Madurai – 2000.
  • Best Ayurvedic Service Award: Great Win Award Raja Annamalai Mantram, Chennai.
  • Best Service Award: Creators Fine Awards, Madurai – 2000. Deva’s Grand Cine Light Music Award. Amudhasurabi Kalai Mantram -2001, 2,3. Global Conference Of Interated Medicine -2001.
  • World Association Of Interrated Medicine Southeast Asian Regional Collage Of World University Benson, Arizona, U.S.A Best Service Award: Fellow Of World Assocition Of Integrated Medicine [F.W.I.A.M]-2001.
  • Society Excellence Award: By Governor Ln.Dr.G.Adhilaksmi.Tamil Nadu Consumer Protection Council 2001&2002.
  • Best Ayurveda Vaidyasalai Award: By Neethiarasu.K.Ramamoorthy -2002.
  • Best Service Award: Madurai Siddha Vaidya Sangam – 2002.
  • Melvin Jones Fellow : Presented to S.Dhanvanthiri Premvel For Dedicated Humanitaraian Service Lions Club International Foundation in 2005 - 2006
  • RASHIRIYA RATTAN AWARD : This certificate of Excellence in Medical Science presented by Dr.Bhishma Narain Singh [Hon’ble Former Governor of Tamilnadu & Assam] To Dr.S.D.PREMVEL Awarded by the “ Ïnternational Study Circle (ISC) ” New Delhi at the time of the Seminar on “Role of medicine Professionals Towards Society” Held on 13th Februauy,2006 at New Delhi. “Role of Medical Professionals Towards Society”, Held on 13th February ,2006 at newDelhi.
  • Dedicated Humanitarian Services; Lions Clubs International Foundation: Presented By Ashok Mehta, President 2005-06. [Lion Club Of International] -2006.
  • Internationalpresident’s Certificate Of Appreciation Rastriya Rattan Award: By Matendra Amarasuriya, International President – 2008.
  • Certificate Of Excelelnce In Madical Science: Presnted By Dr.Bishma Narain Singh Hon’ Ble Governor Of Tamilnadu & Assam
  • Outstanding Best Service award by Lions Club of International
  • SRI SAI RAM AYURVEDA Medical Collee & Research Centre ,Chennai. Long Service Award in the field of Ayurveda Presented to Dr.Dhanvanthiri Premvel president AIAC,Tamil nadu. Aswini 2011 Ayurveda Science wins International Image International Conference on Ayurveda 11th-15th ,Dec 2011.

Taking Dhanvanthri Nilayam To Next Stage

It was a constraiting thought to Dr.S.D.Premvel that treatments and medicines were restricted to lesser people. This thought led to the expansion of Dhanvanthri Nilayam Ayurveda Vaidyasalai through branches in different regions. Thus following branches bloomed to serve the people better and better. The branches are located in KK Nagar, Shennoy Nagar in Madurai and in other districts such as Ramnad, Trichy, Chennai, Theni and Nellore, each of which are fully fledged out patient hospitals with well trained Ayurvedic Physicians personally trained by Dr.S.D.Premvel and so as to maintain the divinity and uniqueness of Dhanvanthri Nilayam Ayurveda Vaidyasalai to its core.


The most Ancient and divine science of well-being of man-kind, Ayurveda derives in roots from Lord Brahma and Lord Dhanvanthri, incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu. Ayurveda “The Science of Life” deals not only with curing diseases but maintains health through simple and elegant diet and life style management.

Nadi Pareeksha (Ayurveda For All Diseases)

Dr.S.Dhanvanathri Premvel with his expertise and deep knowledge in Nadi Pareeksha could diagnose almost all illness and diseases with atmost accuracy which even advanced equipments could not reveal. Through his consistent efforts and dedicated hardwork, patients got cured happily.


Dr.S.Dhanvanthri Premvel also worked towards the development of the specialised therapy of Ayurveda – THE PANCHAKARMA which makes the treatment even more successful. This therapy along with internal medicines helped people achieve true meaning of Ayurveda. Panchakarma became full fledged work for all patients.